Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Thanksgiving that kept on giving.

The Balls and Pie family was fortunate to spend a nice, quiet Thanksgiving together in a cozy cabin outside of Hamilton, MT. We were more fortunate to sit back and have our Thanksgiving catered by Executive Chef Toby McCracken. It went something like this: At around 3:30 thanksgiving day, food starting showing up at our door. Enough salad for 10 people. Brocolini and squash for 10. Turkey for 15. And then for good measure, roast Ham for about 10. Similar quantities of cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, warm rolls, butter, gravy, stuffing. Then, the hors d'oeuvres show up: a cheese plate including brie, smoked bacon cheddar, and pepper jack, a sorpressata and prosciutto plate, vegetable crudités, and orzo with poached shrimp.

And pumpkin and pecan pies. 

There were five of us. And a baby.

Because we didn't have enough food, Balls and Pie Executive Chef Emeritus (aka Mom) prepared my favorite: Andouille and Cornbread Stuffing (more on this in my next post!)

Also: Who Dat!

So, we were busy for the rest of the weekend eating together. There was an obligatory appearance by The Sandwich: two layers of warmed Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, separated by a third piece of bread soaked in gravy. (I think I stole this from Friends. But say what you will, a) the Thanksgiving episodes were always the strongest, and b) it's freaking  Delicious. 

Hope you and yours had an equally great holiday, whatever you did!

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